An American in China

An American in China

Drama, Romance 


- James Snyder (She's The Man)
- Anthony Montgomery (Single Ladies, Star Trek Enterprise)
- Taylor Cole ("CSI Miami", "Two and a Half Men")
- Michael Gross ("Family Ties", Tremors, "ER")
- Priscilla Barnes ("Three's Company")


Following the completion of his college degree, David is pressured to travel to Shanghai on behalf of the troubled family business. The party's over for David as he is reluctantly thrust into a country strangely unaltered by the modern world.  His translator (popular Chinese actress Fei Fei Sun), a beautiful young girl as directed as he is directionless, attempts to help David find his path. In despite the language barrier, cultural differences, culinary shock and a near international incident - romance blossoms. Determined, David attempts to show the world he has changed, and that he can see things through both personally and professionally.

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