Dedd Brothers

Dedd Brothers



1- Carlucci Weyant (Benjamin, Karma: Crime. Passion. Reincarnation, 'The Young and the Restless')
2- Tim Lacatena (Step Up, (500) Days of Summer)
3- Sam Sarpong (Love Don?t Cost A Thing)


A year after their father's death, four brothers decide it's time to quit their dead-end jobs and start a family business... a funeral home. Soon after securing a business loan from a shady, drug-addicted acquaintance, the foursome finds out that they actually borrowed this guy's theft debt... to the mafia. With a call from the Mafia's boss, the guys not only learn that their loaner has been killed, but that they must come up with double the money they borrowed in two weeks time. The brothers turn to theft, conning, and anything else they can do to get the money, but they just aren't any good at it. As the end of the two weeks nears, the family is forced to turn to desperate measures and a bizarre road trip.

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