Hollywood Kills

Hollywood Kills



- Dominic Keating - (Beowulf, Heroes)
- Zack Ward (Transformers, A Christmas Story, Titus)
- Gillian Shure- (Disturbia)
- Eric Bruskotter (Starship Troopers, Glee)


James Dell and Vaughn Mason, two Texas cousins, arrive in Hollywood to visit James' sister and her roommate, an aspiring actress/bombshell.
A twist of fate leads the foursome to a secret Hollywood club. Once there, they meet Francis Fenway, whose ego and narcissism drove a wedge between himself and the Hollywood studio system. Fenway has created a new breed of filmmaking, 'Horror Reality', and has lined up the group as his next 'stars/victims'. The stage is set. The characters have taken their places, and now it?s their time to shine?

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