Jack of Spades, The

Jack of Spades, The



1- Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie, Best in Show, Legally Blonde)
2- Joseph Meissner ('Drop Dead Diva')
3- Ava Santana ('Friday Night Lights', Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay)
4- Marc Macaulay ('Treme', Thirteen Floors, 'Burn Notice', Killer Joe)


A New Orleans detective investigates a pair of homicides that were committed decades apart, yet have one disturbing connecting factor in this pulpy film noir throwback. As the city of New Orleans slowly recovers from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, Detective Jack Spade stumbles into a mystery that spans three decades, and may have somehow involved his late father. The more leads Spade chases down, the more obvious it becomes that no one can be trusted. From the wealthy elite to the scum of the street, Spade questions everyone he encounters in a desperate search for the truth. But sometimes the truth is nothing more than your final stop on the way to the grave.

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