Will Wallace (The Tree of Life, The Thin Red Line, I Am Sam)
Wolfgang Bodison (A Few Good Men, 'Family Law')
Conor O'Farrell (The Lincoln Lawyer, Stir of Echoes, 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation', 'Hawthorn')
Kyrie Maezumi (The Still Life, Cosmic Radio, 'Passions')


Ari Larsen still harbors the painful memories of a childhood no little girl should ever experience. After being kidnapped at eleven years old, her serial killer father takes her on a three week odyssey of murder and savagery. She is eventually left abandoned in the desert, but one horrifying fact remains; her father has never been captured.
Now the haunted past has returned home as young women begin turning up dead in Ari's home town. Has her father returned to resume his reign of terror? Or has Ari fallen victim to the effects of a horrifying past?

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