Listen To Your Heart

Listen To Your Heart



1. Cybill Shepherd ('The L Word', The Last Picture Show)
2. Alexia Rasmussen (Our Idiot Brother, ?Blue Bloods?)
3. Shirley Knight ('Hot in Cleveland', Paul Blart: Mall Cop, As Good As it Gets)
4. Ernie Sabella (The Lion King, Mousehunt, 'Saved By the Bell')


Danny doesn't have much: an apartment as small as his paycheques, no family, and a struggling music career. Yet for him, "every day is a great day to be alive," an attitude he gained from his mother'sĀ  unwavering optimism during her losing battle with cancer. Witness the beautiful love story that unfolds when Danny meetsĀ  Ariana, a wealthy girl who tragically cannot hear the music she inspires him to write.

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