Lonesome Dove - The Series

Lonesome Dove - The Series

Western Series 


- Scott Bairstow('Party of Five')
- Eric McCormack ('Will & Grace')
-. Diahann Caroll ('Dynasty'/singer)
- David Cubitt ('Medium'/'Traders')
- Dennis Weaver ('Gunsmoke'/'McCloud')
- Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves)
- Olivia Hussey (Romeo & Juliet 1968)
- Robert Culp ('Greatest American Hero'/ 'I Spy')


Based on the best selling Larry McMurtry novels of the same name, this series continues where the mini-series left off. Newt takes up residence in the fictional town of Curtis Wells, Montana, having adopted his father's family name of Call. The series follows the exploits of several members of the Texas Ranger Division, from the time of the Republic of Texas up until the beginning of the twentieth century.

Territories available