1- Cedric Yarbrough - (Reno 911, The 40 Year Old Virgin)
2- Charles Hubbell (Memorial Day, Midnight Chronicles)


What more can a guy want, but time spent with good friends, a game of golf, a hot chick and a brew or two?
For Jordan golf is hard but life is harder. He hates his job, his girlfriend has left him, and to make matters worse he has lost all faith in his talent as a writer. His solution is a round of golf, and a little help from his friends. There is only one problem...his friends are more messed up than he is.
Add to the mix, several run ins with the local bully and a lot of rejection, and its no wonder Jordan wants a life do-over! The good news for Jordan is... in in golf, if you stand up and play it right, you can indeed be granted a Mulligan.

Territories available