New Year

New Year



1-Julian DeZotti ('Suits', Mistletoe Over Manhattan)
2-Joanna Douglas ('Being Erica', Saw 3D, All The Good Ones Are Married)
3-John Bregar ('Degrassi: The Next Generation', 'Family Biz')
4-Morgan Kelly ('Being Erica', A History of Violence, The Lookout)
5-Romina D'Ugo ('Degrassi: The Next Generation', King')
6- Tommie -Amber Pirie ('Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays')
7-RH Thompson ('Avonlea', Chloe)
8-Nicholas Rose ('Instant Star', The Incredible Hulk)


A coming of age comedy about a group of twenty something 'Gen Y'-ers who reunite for a New Year's Eve bash in middle-class suburbia. Numbed by the nine to five conformity of real life after university, the party provides a welcome escape full of drinking, smoking, making out, and bag tag. But when a near-death experience from the past week, an unwanted pregnancy, and the appearance of past rivals disrupt their night of glory, each are forced to take a crash course in growing up.

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