Off World

Off World



1. Marc Abaya
2. David Usher (narrator)


An ethereal, occasionally disturbing portrait of one of the Philippines' most notorious slums. Though fictional, Off World plays like a documentary, following a young Toronto man named Lucky, whose life is utterly transformed during a journey to his birthplace of Smokey Mountain. Once known as the Kingdom of Tondo, Smokey Mountain is now one of the most densely populated urban landscapes in the Philippines; a vast slum surrounding a mountain of garbage 12 storey's high, named for the methane gases that leak continuously from refuse accumulated over the course of more than half a century. Here, where entire families eke out a meagre living as scavengers, Lucky grapples with the echoes of his past in an attempt to define himself and reconcile his comparatively affluent Canadian upbringing with the hard-bitten existence of the children of Smokey Mountain.

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