One Kine Day

One Kine Day



1. Jolene Blalock ("Starship Troopers 3", Jason and The Argonauts)
2. Christa B. Allen ("Revenge", 13 Going On 30)
3. Keram Malicki (Sanchez, Chainsaw Massacre 3D, "The L Word")
4. Janel Parrish ("Heroes", "Pretty Little Liars")


Over the mountains of Oahu and hidden from the beaches of Waikiki, a local skater named Ralsto discovers that his 15 year old girlfriend Alea is pregnant. Scared of ending up like their parents, the young couple agrees 'getting da kine' is the best plan. As Alea leaves for school, Ralsto embarks on his journey to raise the funds for 'da kine.'

Territories available