Still Green

Still Green



1- Noah Segan (Brick, What We Do Is Secret)
2- Ryan Kelly (Across The Universe)
3- Douglas Spain (But I'm A Cheerleader)


The summer of their senior year, ten best friends rent a beach house for one last week before separating for college. A tragic accident on the ocean tests their friendship, and in this dark teen drama, everything can change in an instant. A story of secret crushes, crippling insecurities, excitement for the future, rumours, secrets, and crossing the line between friendship and sexual attraction. But a darker theme drives the plot, how death changes absolutely everything between a group of friends, at a time when every second of life seems vitally important and every emotion feels like the end of the world.

Festivals & Awards:
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2007: Spirit of the Independent Award - Best Ensemble - WON
New England Film & Video Festival 2007: Festival Prize - Best Narrative Feature - WON

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