Brad Blaisdell (The Negotiator, Inspector Gadget, "ER")
Suzanne May (Gentlemen Broncos, Green Street Hooligans 2)
David Novak ("General Hospital", Super Shark)


Darrell Jacobs is a retired mobster living in Phoenix. As cancer consumes him, he quietly runs out the clock, roaming downtown daily and frequenting his favourite café. Young waitress Alicia Foret, a law student, is intrigued by the mysterious regular and follows him home. They quickly form a friendship that puts Alicia in danger, and forces Darrell to finalize any unfinished 'business.' Alicia's boyfriend Tom does not approve of their friendship and has the pair followed. Tom's discovery of Darrell's true identity puts him in a state of panic. Not for the safety of his girlfriend, but for his own.

Awards & Festivals:
WINNER Jury Award - Best Feature Film - Big Bear Lake International Film Festival

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