Briefcase, The

Briefcase, The



1- Kip Pardue ('ER', Remember The Titans, The Rules of Attraction)
2- Vincent Pastore ('The Sopranos', Goodfellas, Riding In Cars With Boys)
3- Nashwan Kearse ('Desperate Housewives', 'Entourage', Taxi)
4- Keith Nobbs ('The Black Donnelly's', 'The Pacific', Phone Booth)


A gritty comedic tale that centres around two people who are handcuffed together. Unaware of the other?s identity, Jason and Dan barrel through the woods to escape certain death. The four nameless men pursuing Jason and Dan are a bumbling group of misfits with a basic inability to work together in any reasonable fashion. While Dan clings onto a Briefcase, Jason does his best to look out for himself in this suspenseful story of chaos and revelation.

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