Fall, The

Fall, The



1- Benjamin Ciaramello - (War of the Worlds, Friday Night Lights)
2- William Devane - (Knots Landing, Payback, Marathon Man)


Tony is skating through life as an aimless, black sheep under-achiever. He is the total opposite of his D.A. older brother Frank , who is carefully crafting a flashy campaign to become the youngest Governor in history. One fateful night and with one wrong turn, Tony is arrested for the murder of a priest, a crime that seems totally unthinkable. Big brother Frank comes to therescue, but Tony refuses to reveal his alibi at the time of the murder. Frank is shocked when he discovers where Tony was and with whom, but now has the crucial alibi and evidence needed to set Tony free. But when this revealing and tawdry evidence threatens to end Frank's career and dredge up a very incriminating incident in their past, will Frank go public or let Tony take the fall?

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