MEDIACASTER - iPowow Interactive Television Platform Speeds Up NASCAR Coverage

November 8 2012

Predictions about the outcome of a major car race can be made faster than the competition itself, using interactive technology that shows fan voting on-screen, while the event is televised.

Motorsport specialty service SPEED has announced a partnership with iPowow, the interactive TV participation company, in a first-of-its-kind endorsement of TV viewer votes in motorsports on the network’s popular live pre-race show, NASCAR RaceDay.

Using iPowow’s technology, viewers can share and see their opinions in real-time with other race car fans and even engage with brand partners seen on RaceDay, using their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android portable media device, or online via the Web.

iPowow is an international interactive media developer, with a strong Canadian presence. The company has worked with other TV and media properties such as Dragon’s Den, UFC, Project Runway. Miss Universe and now NASCAR on SPEED.

iPowow Canada Corp. is a partnership between: iPowow! Limited (founded by Ettienne Fourie and Peter Tippett) the Australian corporation that developed the technology; Toronto-based Multiple Media Entertainment Inc. (founded by Michael Taylor and Drew Craig); and British Columbia-based Tim Gamble, Cam White and Holly Gordon.

Canadian-raised Colin Hornett, formerly the Director of Digital Multimedia for the Miss Universe Organization, is North American Executive Producer at iPowow.

"Audiences are craving the chance to interact with their favorite TV shows, and we are proud to launch our 'Participation TV' platform with SPEED, who recognize how savvy and connected their viewers are,” said Gavin Douglas, Chief Creative Officer, iPowow. “Consumers want a fun, cool, social experience with ‘NASCAR RaceDay’ while it's on the air. We have answered the call with SPEED and the engagement numbers have been fantastic. We also deliver an unprecedented direct line of communication and engagement to SPEED and their brand partners, making it a win-win all around. We look forward to continuing to meet the growing demand for second screen experiences by providing viewers with new and exciting ways to engage with their favorite programs."

"The voting power of iPowow technology brings our SPEED viewers even closer to the ‘RaceDay’ action by allowing them to share their excitement for the sport interactively from the convenience of their own home,” described Kevin Annison, SPEED Vice President of Digital & Interactive Media. “The SPEED Live Vote is generating up to 10 times the engagement from our viewers, when compared to other types of interactive and social pieces.”

“As program hosts pose a question,” Annison continued, “iPowow’s voting app allows fans to voice their opinion immediately, and then change their vote in real time during the debate. This uniquely enables motorsports fans to ‘participate’ with the TV presenters and even have a direct influence on the outcome of the live studio debates.”

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