MEDIACASTER - Multiple Media Takes on Rights To Off World, Named 'Best Canadian Film'

March 16 2011

Multiple Media Entertainment has secured exclusive North American distribution rights to Theo Films Inc.'s new indie feature Off World.

Company co-founder and CEO Michael Taylor confirmed for Mediacaster Magazine that the rights package for all North America includes digital media, including online or mobile platforms.

The film premiered at the 33rd Sao Paolo International Film Festival in 2009, was part of the Perspective Canada Program at Cannes 2010 and won the "Best Canadian feature film" award at the 10th ReelWorld International Film Festival.

"We are delighted be to taking Mateo and Theo Films latest indie feature film to market in Canada and the United States," said Jennifer Graham, Multiple Media Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Sales and Acquisitions. "Off World is beautifully shot and uncovers hope and happiness in a world where you would never expect it to exist.  We look forward to showcasing Off World's important story to audiences throughout North America."

Although fictional, Off World plays like a documentary, following a young Toronto man named Lucky, whose life is transformed during a journey back to his birthplace of Smokey Mountain in Manila. Once known as the Kingdom of Tondo, Smokey Mountain is now one of the most densely populated urban landscapes in the Philippines; a vast slum surrounding a mountain of garbage 12 storey's high, named for the methane gases that leak continuously from refuse accumulated over the course of more than half a century. Here, where entire families eke out a meager living as scavengers, Lucky grapples with the echoes of his past in an attempt to define himself and reconcile his comparatively affluent Canadian upbringing with the hard-bitten existence of the children of Smokey Mountain. Guided by Julia, a worker at a local NGO, Lucky discovers a living brother who has managed to escape the life of a scavenger, but still lives in the slums surrounding the dump. Without revealing their relationship, and in an effort to fill the gap between them, Lucky immerses himself in the culture of Smokey Mountain and his brother's life, uncovering still more tangible links to his past.

Off World stars Marc Abaya and Cheryl Ranos.

"The relationship between Theo Films and Multiple Media Entertainment is the result of a simple but emotional and bounded connection initiated by SVP Jennifer Graham, who right away had the inherent sensibility to support and promote our film," said Mateo Guez, the films writer and director.

Off World was produced with the support of Telefilm Canada.

Theo Films Inc. was founded in 2003 by director, writer and producer Mateo Guez. Theo Films is a Toronto based production company developing features films, documentaries, TV series and multi-platform/web episodes. Throughout its eight year existence, the company has amassed an impressive list of credits producing Mateo Guez' characteristically diverse body of work that have won much critical acclaim. This includes music videos for a variety of European and Canadian artists including Molly Johnson, as well as the much lauded short, L'ULTIMA NOTTE, which was screened at many international films festivals in 2003, including the prestigious TIFF, Clermont-Ferrand and Berlinale.

Multiple Media Entertainment was founded by Drew Craig and Michael Taylor, who are the company's Chairman and CEO respectfully. Multiple Media Entertainment is a full service media content distribution company with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. It is involved in all aspects of the entertainment content industry including co-development, co-production, distribution, product integration, branded content and barter distribution. Multiple Media Entertainment is currently working with program producers and suppliers in Canada and the U.S. MME is working with Canadian media outlets, in all media, including television, radio, outdoor, print, online, mobile, etc.  Multiple Media Entertainment provides resources to help producers produce compelling media content, helps distributors distribute media content and assists media outlets with the commissioning and acquisition of media content.