PLAYBACK - Multiple Media Pacts with U.S., U.K. producers on Canadian distribution

February 27 2015

Flush with cash after selling a two-thirds stake to Quantum International Income Corp, Multiple Media Entertainment is ramping up its Canadian theatrical releasing arm.

MME has acquired the Canadian rights to Paul Bettany’s Shelter from Voltage Pictures, the producer of Dallas Buyers Club, and secured Canadian distribution for two titles from UK producer Carnaby International, Assassin and Casual Encounters.

The indie producer/distributor has also acquired the exclusive Canadian rights to Mangiacake, the first feature from Nathan Estabrooks, and starring co-writer Christina Cuffari.

MME plans to release Shelter, which stars Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Mackie, later this year, later this year theatrically and on VOD and digital platforms.

The distributor will also release Assassin, a film about a contract killer directed by J.K. Amalou and starring Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp, and Zackary Adler’s Casual Encounters, which stars Taran Killam, Brooklyn Decker and David Arquette.

Both films will be released by MME in English and French speaking Canada in 2015, with limited theatrical releases followed up with VOD and digital platform releases.

As with the Voltage Pictures deal, the first two titles from Carnaby International are part of a longer-term partnership and possible Canadian output deals.

MME will also release Mangiacake, former Canadian Film Centre grad Estabrooks’ debut feature that also stars Melanie Scrofano and Harmon Walsh.

Mangiacake will be released across Canada, including on VOD, pay-per-view, digital and TV.

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