Assassin, From The Producers of Casino and Goodfellas, To Be Released Across Canada On Multiple Platforms July 1st

June 11 2015

Toronto, ON (June 11, 2015) – Multiple Media Entertainment (MME), a full service media content creation and distribution company, will release the action-packed British hit ASSASSIN to Canadian audiences on July 1st on VOD, Pay-Per-view, iTunes, Vimeo and select hotels across Canada.Danny Dyer(EastEnders) stars as Jamie in this hard-hitting story about a former hitman out for revenge. Also starring Martin and Gary Kemp (The Krays), ASSASSIN tells the story of corrupt crime bosses in the London underworld, and one man's crusade to bring them to justice.

Written, directed and produced by J.K. Amalou (Deviation, Hard Men, The Man Who Would Be Queen) ASSASSIN reminds us that there are consequences for the life we choose and the decisions we make.  A cold, calculating and ruthlessly efficient contract killer (Dyer) breaks the rules of his profession and falls for a beautiful young woman whose father he has been hired to kill. When Jamie’s world breaks down, he must turn against his criminal employers (Martin & Gary Kemp) to save the woman he loves.

From the producers of Goodfellas, Casino and Rise of the Footsoldier comes a fiery new action thriller, exploring the darker side of love and revenge.

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