iPowow To Connect Canadian Audiences "In The Moment"

January 16 2012

Toronto, ON – January 16, 2012–iPowow Canada is a new interactive media company that will break new ground with its patented “In the Moment” technology platform. iPowow will unite viewers and drive television broadcasts and social networking to new heights.

Until now, there has been a huge gap in the interactivity between television broadcasters and viewers. It has predominantly been a one-way conversation. Broadcasters send out their message and viewers observe it. The closest this relationship has come to being interactive has been through text messaging. That is all about to change with the launch of iPowow Canada.

iPowow bridges this gap using viewers’ computers, tablets, iPhones, Android phones and mobile browsers and other second screen devices. iPowow’s patented technology platform allows broadcasters to ask viewers a question, which will generate instant audience responses. The broadcasters can then reveal the responses back to the viewers - live, on-screen in a real-time moving graphics.

iPowow gives broadcasters, television producers and advertisers the power to create a new breed of Participation Television, enabling viewers to dictate the action. It is secure, proven across global TV audiences and cost-effective to implement. It also generates new advertising and sponsorship streams for the broadcasters.

“We can now connect Canadian broadcasters with their live television and social networking audiences,” states Michael Taylor, President and CEO of the newly created iPowow! Canada Corp. “Broadcasters will be able to ask their viewers a question, and get a response, instantly, in real-time using iPowow.”

iPowow has achieved numerous broadcast successes using its technology in the international marketplace. The global telecast of the 2011 MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant gave viewers the ability to instantly score contestants while they watched the show live on television. Viewers from 155 countries worldwide cast 23.6 million votes in just 9 minutes by using iPowow’s scoring system on their smartphones and computers.

iPowow was also integrated into live telecasts of the global sporting phenomenon UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), simultaneously allowing fans from over 100 countries to contribute their opinions during the two-and-a-half hour telecast. Viewers were able to give an “In the Moment” response to the host’s questions with their smartphones by finger-scrolling on the interactive iPowow touch-screen. The results were then revealed instantly on television sets around the world.

Top Rank Boxing used iPowow’s interactive platform during the live global broadcast of the Pacquiao-Margarito fight, which generated 1.5 million responses from viewers in over 100 countries.

The American Music Awards in Los Angeles used the iPowow “Hot Meter” that allowed viewers to participate and interact with the Red Carpet television hosts and celebrities, second by second. During the Red Carpet telecast, the hosts asked a question and the fans at home were able to interact with them, instantly. The AMA audience became an interactive playground for the fans as their responses were combined and revealed so that the viewers could immediately see how their votes impacted the “Hot Meter.”

Most recently, during live cricket match telecasts in Australia in December, iPowow engaged a massive 8.3% of the 1.1 million viewers watching the match on television. This extremely high level of viewer engagement is unprecedented in television and social networking. In a market of 8 million smartphones, the compelling thrill of being part of live television drove more than half-a-million people to download the App on their iPhone and Android phones. In the first two matches, the live TV audience answered 26 real-time questions and generated 8.8 million page views.

iPowow’s interactive media technology has enormous potential for Canadian advertisers, broadcasters and television producers. iPowow will become the interactive tool to engage television audiences and for fans to participate in the shows they’re watching. iPowow is also Twitter and Facebook-connected, so that millions of viewers outside of the TV show’s usual audience can also participate.

“The integration of Participation Television and social media will change everything,” says Taylor. “iPowow will now give broadcasters, TV producers and advertisers the power to create truly engaging Participation Television in Canada.”

Finally, there is a tool that allows organizations via broadcast television to engage fans during live events and shows. Smartphones, the web and other second screens make it all possible and iPowow puts it all in motion.

“With the advent of this social networking tool, the interest that iPowow continues to generate is something this interactive media company is enormously proud of,” says Ettienne Fourie, co-founder and CEO of iPowow in Australia. “iPowow has created a powerful new platform with globally proven and innovative technology.”

About iPowow! Canada Corp.

iPowow Canada Corp. is a partnership between: iPowow! Limited (founded by Ettienne Fourie and Peter Tippett) the Australian corporation that developed the technology; Toronto-based Multiple Media Entertainment Inc. (founded by Michael Taylor and Drew Craig); and British Columbia-based Tim Gamble, Cam White and Holly Gordon.

For thousands of years, the human race gathered together for pow-wows around the campfire to dance, tell stories and participate in interactive conversations. While television is today’s campfire that draws in millions of viewers, it has only provided a one way conversation. It is time to unite TV audiences and give them a voice at the campfire. Now we can, with iPowow Participation Television.

What iPowow does: iPowow is a patented and proven interactive media platform that gives broadcasters the power to ask their audiences a question and get an instant answer. iPowow’s global, cloud-hosted platform collects and combines their responses and then delivers them digitally, second by second, with the ability to integrate and reveal the results live, on-screen, and in real-time.