Multiple Media Entertainment Acquires Rights to Canadian Award Winning Drama Passionflower

September 6 2012

TORONTO – September 6, 2012– Multiple Media Entertainment has secured Canadian distribution rights to Passionflower Films’ feature film, Passionflower.

Based in 1962 suburban Winnipeg, Passionflower paints an honest picture of a family’s struggle surrounding a mother’s mental illness. Audiences will witness her challenges through the eyes of Sarah Matthews, who uses her creativity, inner strength, and a new friend to discover her own identity. With courage, Sarah bears witness and demands truth from the adults around her, demonstrating love's capacity to endure.

“With great festival coverage thus far, we are proud to help share such a moving and beautiful piece with audiences across Canada” says Jennifer Graham, SVP of Sales and Acquisitions at Toronto-based Multiple Media Entertainment.

“It is a great privilege to bring one’s film to an audience” said Shelagh Carter, Writer and Director of Passionflower. “Our deepest thanks to the Multiple Media Entertainment team. They are an invaluable resource who have shown such an appreciation and understanding of the film” said Carter.

 “We are excited that Canadian audiences will soon have the opportunity to see Passionflower in various formats” said the Producer of the film, Polly Washburn. “There has been a great excitement generated around the film, based on its festival awards.”

Passionflower was awarded Best Feature at two American film festivals, as well as Best Director and Best Editor. The ensemble cast includes Kristen Harris (Less Than Kind), Darcy Fehr (The Saddest Music in the World) and Kassidy Love Brown (Euphoria).

About Passionflower Films Inc.

Passionflower Films, Inc. was founded by Washburn and Carter in 2010 in Winnipeg when they embarked on developing Passionflower. Carter has over 20 years of experience in the theatrical and film worlds, and Washburn has 15 years of experience in arts fundraising and film producing.

About Multiple Media Entertainment Inc.

Multiple Media Entertainment was founded by Drew Craig and Michael Taylor, who are the company’s Chairman and CEO respectively. Multiple Media Entertainment is a full service media content distribution company with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. It is involved in all aspects of the entertainment content industry including co-development, co-production, distribution, product integration, branded content and barter distribution. Multiple Media Entertainment is currently working with program producers and suppliers in Canada and the U.S. MME is working with Canadian media outlets, in all media, including television, radio, outdoor, print, online, mobile, etc.  Multiple Media Entertainment provides resources to help producers produce compelling media content, helps distributors distribute media content and assists media outlets with the commissioning and acquisition of media content.

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